La  Vida  

Es  Una Milonga

An irresistible new year

Tango fiesta in Paris

 Du 29 Décembre 2018

   au 1er Janvier 2019


Tango is about connection : 

With the music, with the partner, with the other dancers on the floor. 

La Vida Es Una Milonga


Prochain Rendez-vous

Samedi (Saturday)


À 14:00 (UTC+2)

But (Purpose) : Accueil/Reception


A world cultural heritage, a landmark of architecture & museums, the most visited city in the world.

is calling you ...

the epitome

of beauty will win you with its variety of luxury and classy wines, cheeses & champagnes

French cuisine the world intangible heritage, home of gastronomy will take you to the state of ecstasy with

its unlimited

choices of restaurants & brasseries in

every street.


Plenty of choices  for affordable  & comfortable accommodations ...

So come join us ! 

If not the first, 

It will be your second home ...

Having a wonderful time and creating unforgettable memories ...
The goal of a DJ is
to give you the constant desire to dance, or the pleasure of listening to the beautiful music when you are in pause, but not to let you leave the milonga until the end

En Inde, ça se dit : 

(In India it is said) 

"Kisne kaha ki muhabbat ki zubaan hoti hai

Yeh fasaanaa aur haqeeqat to nigaanhon se bayaan hoti hai"

"Qui dit que l'amour a une

langue ou a des paroles

Il se dit par le regard"

"Who says that Love has

a language or words

It is expressed by the eyes"

Règles du jeu
La Vida has its rules of game so that everyone could enjoy collectively, please take a look ...

Salle Colonne

94 Boulevard Blanqui

75013 Paris


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